Optimal health compels you to CHOOSE every day to be your BEST by SELECTING the right FOODS and SUPPLEMENTS, engaging in EXERCISE and REST and by incorporating HEALTHY HABITS and BALANCE in everything you do.

About our program

Our Philosophy

At Charge Optimal Health our philosophy is very realistic and simple.
Move daily in a way you love, love daily in the person you are, learn to feed your body right, and always smile.

What do we do?

We kick diets to the curb and teach you how to eat healthy wholefoods so your body benefits the most with the least effort. We teach the body how to effectively burn its own fat stores without the requirement of hard workouts or fad diets.

You’re set for life

Don’t starve yourself, run yourself to death or live off lemon juice. Once you know the how, your set for life.

Support network and community

Group walks, educational audios, optimal health meetings.





“I lost 6kg and 29cm around my body in 6 weeks. I’m most surprised by how simple it was to loose the weight. I’m also happy that there is little effort required to maintain my new body!”* – Laurence



“I lost 5.2kg of fat in 6 weeks and gained a great amount of lean muscle.”* – Mat


“I have been involved with Charge Optimal Health since October 2016. I was at a time in my life where my weight had got out of control and I knew something had to change. I went along to a presentation and felt that this was the right approach for me. I was in the right frame of mind and it was time I made some changes in my life, for the better.

I jumped on board and was coached by Odelle – Wow, I must say the enthusiasm, positivity and amazing energy that Odelle exudes made my journey so much easier. Odelle was there helping me every step of the way and encouraging me to achieve the goals I had set for myself. Odelle was there to make small changes that made a huge difference to my results.

I would highly recommend the Charge team. The program is easy to follow and fits in with our ever-hectic lifestyles. I still implement the principles that I learnt from the program and can easily follow them now for the rest of my life.”* – Tahnee



Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

*Results may vary depending on your personal circumstances.