The practice of “Movement” is for everyone.

There is no excuse for getting started. Charge Movement’s focus is on practical strength, injury prevention, mobility and flexibility, motor control, balance and ground flow. We aim to teach you more about your body so you can move with confidence. We practise all of these without taking training too seriously and always have an emphasis to play and enjoy what we do.

Why is Movement beneficial?

The Movement Culture has gained a lot of attention in the past few years because of its practicality. We as humans were all movers before we developed disciplines like boxing, gymnastics, capoeira etc. The practise of Movement is very dynamic and helps to improve body posture and mobility while building strength.

Movement Brisbane

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The Type of Sessions:


Build the foundational strength required to perform complex movements without injury. Bodyweight strength is our core focus.

-Practical strength-


Solely focus on body weight movements. Develop the skills and strength to move and flow to flip and scale objects.

-How nature intended us to live-

Balance and Flexibility

Not just a boring balance and stretch class. Learn to master skills that require extreme balance, flexibility and strength. We often neglect how important balance and flexibility are in everyday life. You will leave feeling refreshed.

-Become a supple leopard-


Want to feel fitter and faster? Lets work your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your weak spots with compound movements.

-Push yourself-

Skill and Play

This class focusses on learning new skills and improving your existing ones. The atmosphere is exciting and fun. You will achieve goals, have some fun and laugh a hell of a lot!

-Learn, laugh and grow-

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