About Us

Keagan Bizzell - Strength & Movement Coach

I was wrong about a lot, For a long time, I believed lifting heavier & faster was the only way to build a strong body. I was very wrong.

After years of abusing my body in the Army, I was forced to start from the bottom, nursing severe injuries and a beaten ego.

Over the last three years I have slowly rebuilt my body, focussing on areas I used to neglect; body awareness, control and mobility. Now, able to move freely with regained strength, I want to share my knowledge.

If you want the results and are willing to work hard, Charge Movement delivers. It’s not going to be easy, but I guarantee it will be worth it.

Odelle Wolfenden - Yoga Instructor

Yoga to me now is a practice of life. I began practicing at 17 when knee injuries stopped me from running, playing soccer and all things competitive. At first, it was all about creating flexibility and loosening up my hamstrings with the hope of returning to running. Gradually my flexibility improved, I could touch my toes (yay!), and hold poses (woo!), but more than that, love and passion for yoga grew inside.

I found mentors in my teachers, and in time I started to realise there was more to this ‘yoga’ thing. I traded the love of fast & competitive with slowness & balance in my body, mind and life. The competitor and ego still exist inside, but are much smaller and are shrinking as I become calmer, healthier & happier.

Internal guidance led me to teach, to share all I know and to help others with their practice. I am grateful and humbled to be able to pay forward the experience of yoga to everyone who crosses my path.