How Does One Become a Master?

Have you ever seen a Motocross rider do stunts live? 

The acrobatic moves that are pulled off mid air are insanely dangerous and complex. 

Which makes their shows incredibly popular.

What you don’t see is the 20,000+ hours (10 years of full-time commitment) it took them to master their skill.

Performing the same moves over and over and over again to perfect them.

The Weapon Called REPETITION

We all love new activities but the Masters of our modern world are masters of REPETITION.

No, they’re not born LUCKY… they’ve all put in the work.

And they’ve created space and time to allow them to repeat the things they love.

Here’s how i see it…

We’re all repeating tasks every single day.

Some tasks we repeat, because we have to (banking, brushing our teeth, filling up the car)

But there are definitely things we’re repeating that we don’t have to repeat. 

Tasks where we go “Hang on a minute, I don’t have to be doing this, this sucks!” 

Tasks that no longer serve a purpose in our lives (they once did, but now they don’t)

However, the trouble is we’ve spent so long doing these tasks; we feel like we’re stuck doing them and it’s too uncomfortable to change.

Well, I say screw that!

It’s time to cut loose on the crap you don’t like doing, that you know you don’t have to do.

Get a little uncomfortable.

Start to create space and time for new things worth repeating so you too can be the Master of your own life.

– Keagan
– The Charge Movement

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