It’s obvious that in this day and age that children are spending more and more time on technology and less and less time outdoors.

Technology has promised ground breaking development in the younger populations of the world but how much screen time is too much?

Where do we currently stand?

As a reference, the recommended limit of screen time for 2-5 year olds is just 1 hour per day, and for 5 years and up, is 2 hours per day.

Below are some updated statistics from 2018 done by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

“12% of children aged 5-12 and only 2% of young people aged 13-17 met both the physical activity and sedentary screen based activity guidelines”.

Put simply, children are rapidly becoming unhealthy because of their lack of movement.

It seems getting outside in the “real world” isn’t valued as much as spending time in front of a screen.

My guess is that we would be greatly surprised about what the “real world” can teach us.

Children draw clever conclusions and ask deep questions when they observe birds swooping through the air and watch ants carry 10-50 times their body weight.

Children are clever observers, I’m sure you know.

Whats the answer?

Avoiding screen time all together definitely isn’t the answer…

They will need to know how to operate these devices to navigate their lives.

However, their screen time should be complemented with physical activities.

But here’s the kicked…

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”
Robert Fulghum

We need to set the example.

Children follow those they observe and admire the most.

– Keagan
– The Charge Movement

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