What by no means can be considered an unexpected occurrence, considering the ever dwindling state of the state-owned oil company known as PDVSA, the recent shortage of gasoline in nearly all the country has sparked a not so rare sense of urgency in the minds of most of us.

What Is Going on with Gasoline in Venezuela?

After being unpleasantly surprised by the national blackouts that covered half the country nearly two months ago, and to this day their effects can still be felt by the “scheduled” power cuts designed to alleviate the demand on the already beaten power grid, the country now faces a severe shortage on what can be literally considered the engine of the economy of the country, gasoline.

About a week from today, most service stations through the country faced the rare occurrence of not having gasoline delivered to refill the tanks, which led to an every increasing state of distress among the people. First, the ones who happened to have the tanks of their vehicles nearly empty. Then, the ones run the transport system that takes the average worker down work, the average student to school, and so on. And then, the ones who transport the goods and services which the cities depend on to keep the what is left of the beaten economy of the country running.

By the middle of the week, some service stations were finally restocked by, what some were rumouring to be, the last reserves available in the country’s refineries. That, adding to the already increasing number of vehicles requiring a refill, led to what can be, another epitome of results of the Bolivarian revolution. A revolution that has turned what once a prosperous developing country, into an ever decaying state that on this day, offers little more than crumbs.

Several hour-long queues of vehicles, some which stretched by kilometres. People waiting for hours, plenty of times already waiting before the sun even rose. People waiting under the blazing heat of the sun just for a chance of refilling their vehicle with gasoline. Many of which simply had to be denied service for the simple fact that there was not enough gasoline for everyone. It was also not uncommon for many to see, in a rather twisted sense of irony, when the area they were waiting on simply was “scheduled” for a 4-hour power cut, the one of which would then make impossible for the gas station to service the almost endless queue of vehicles waiting for gasoline. It indeed can be a sight that would add to the already demoralising state the country is in.

Why Is This Important to Begin With?

Now then, one may ask why this is important, why is this even mentioned, at least when there are more urgent matters at hand, like the fact that many people still face malnutrition, the fact that even more people face an urgent lack of basic medicine, the fact that an ever-increasing number of people lack access to potable water. Sure those matters must be even more important that some people being unable to fill the gas tanks of their cars.

I honestly understand that, but there is one tiny detail, this gasoline shortage not only affects people with cars, it affects nearly all facets of what is left of the economy. Food is transported to the cities and towns by trucks running on gasoline. Many power plants, which have become almost a necessity, rather than a back-up for many, run on gasoline. Public transportation in and between cities runs on gasoline. It simply is the life blood of the economy of the country, and it now runs in short supply.

And… What Is the Government Doing?

As for the government, what are those people doing right now? They are simply blaming the newest crisis on interference by other nations, because that excuse hasn’t been used before, right? They are unwilling to accept the responsibility for yet another crisis they inadvertently caused, and instead are seeking to lay blame on whoever they can to divorce themselves from the consequences of it.

As of today, some more gasoline stations have been refuelled, and only a few know whether those rumours that those are the last reserves of gasoline from the refineries are a fact of life or simply the result of a paranoid population, who can’t really be blamed considering the every present state of hysteria we are forced to live in because of the actions of a corrupt government.

I just wonder, will this be the final straw, or will this be only another crisis that will carry on affecting the lives of the people of this country?

As I said before… only time will tell.

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