How happy are you with your 2019?
(Regardless, we should all be stoked that we’re still alive and mostly out of the bush fire affected zones)

As we come around the final stretch of this year most people will be thinking this exact thought in the next 7 days…

“Next year it’s game on. No more stuffing around. It’s time to make some serious changes!”

For Odelle and I, this happened 2 days ago.

As much as we wanted to just dream about the exciting things that could happen in 2020, we both knew if we didn’t get our sweaty asses off those seats and start furiously planning 2020 that none of those dreams would happen.

Yes, fear and dread sunk in a few times, but, ACTION CURES FEAR.

The huge whiteboard came out and we went to town for a solid 4 hours.

The outcome… 5 solid projects.

Honestly, the likelihood of finishing them all is low but you just don’t know where some projects are going to take you if you don’t start them.

Want to know what the 5 projects are?

– Keagan

– The Charge Movement

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