It’s possible that you might have heard that humanitarian aid has finally arrived in Venezuela. To many, that would sound like a wonderful thing. Something that should be celebrated, that the people of Venezuela can finally have the aid they were craving for months, if not years. And, at first hand, it does sound like a nice thing, but people are missing something important.

That humanitarian aid is currently being used as a pawn, as a propaganda tool for the government.

The government is finally accepting it, but as a necessity born out of the sanctions brought by the American government, to give the impression that they are actually interested in the well-being of Venezuelans. But let’s not forget that until just a few weeks ago the government vehemently denied the existence of a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Denying all the suffering and misery that the people are going through. Denying the lack of medical supplies that hospitals face, denying the shortage of medicine that people face, denying the decrepit state of the health infrastructure of the country, and just denying everything that people know is going on. Just looking the other way from the suffering, the desperation, the dying that every day more and more of us are forced to go through, and who they are to blame.

And yet, they are now changing the rhetoric and blaming the US for all the shortcomings that people face because of the government.

But to me, that’s not the only thing that worries me. What really worries me is what the government will do now that they have those supplies at hand. What will they do now that they have on their hands exactly what the people need? Innocent minds might think that the government will now attempt to improve the lives of their own citizenry, that they will now make sure the conditions improve for the people.

But I know better, in fact, many of us know better.

We know what the government is capable to do in order to tighten its grip on power. We know how the government is willing to lie to and deceive people so that they believe them. We know how the government is willing to threaten people so that they vote on them and don’t voice anger, discontent or simply criticism. And we know what the government sometimes does to those who actively resist the government, less they end up in a prison cell, or worse.

People now are suffering more than they ever have suffered in almost all of our entire history as a country, so let’s not be surprised of what they might be forced to accept just to get a bit of relief from all their suffering. This government is manipulative, this government is opportunistic, and this government is more than willing to trample on everything and everyone just to tighten its grip on power. And only dark times are ahead for the people of this country if that continues.

In the end, humanitarian aid alone will not stop the tragedy.

The humanitarian aid will, hopefully, alleviate the suffering of the people, but it won’t be a solution for the problems or a path to a better tomorrow, and especially not under this government. But only time will tell how this story goes on, and until then, the story will only continue.

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