And just like that, I was in the flow zone - nowhere else to be, nothing else to do.

Back in school I did woodworking and loved it. I can’t fully remember why I enjoyed it, but mostly I think it was the satisfaction of smoothing off surfaces, creating neat joins and getting edges to line up. I suppose it fed the perfectionist in me.

Here I was again, 11 years later booked into a program to make a box.

This came about quite serendipitously.

Keagan and I had recently created the “Samford Health and Fitness Hub” Facebook group ( and one day posted a question about meditation.

My soon-to-be teacher, Andy, contributed a raw, deep and thoughtful response. This prompted one of those meaningful and enjoyable conversations that actually makes you feel happy to be on social media.

And so it was, I found out he teaches hardcraft at the Samford Valley Steiner School through a program called “PAFA-Ed” (Parents and Friends Association Education) and a 6-week program for adults was about to begin (and super cheap!).

I felt a strong urge to say yes, despite recently quitting my OT profession and launching into full-time business woman warrior mode for The Charge Movement (not really coping either, haha).

I told my sister, Jaana, and she wilfully joined the team!

Turns out, it was for good reason to book in and for everything to play out exactly as it did.

I soon realised that I experience a syndrome called “commitment anxiety” (self-diagnosed). Common triggers included:

  • Realising my Wednesdays were busy when trying to complete a task, organise catch ups or go to events
  • Every time without fail when it came close to the time I never felt like going

Yet as soon as I got there, I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be.


I felt relaxed, joyful and peaceful.

Andy was so chilled, his energy was definitely seeping into me. The space was huge, with tonnes of equipment and filled with creative possibilities. Everyone else there was super friendly and excited to be trying something new. Just a great place to be.  

The first few weeks were filled with learning (and forgetting and learning again) and demanded my attention.

Without even realising it, I was practicing my ability to sustain awareness and focus (the precursor for meditation).  

Andy was so knowledgeable, passionate and respectful of the process, equipment and resources (timber), that I too felt these emotions and positive vibes.

Side note: In my sustainability focused mind, initially I struggled knowing that a tree would have to be cut down for my enjoyment. But in the end, I felt that at least being conscious, aware and appreciative of where the timber was derived, and to feel joy into the process was the best compromise in this instance.

At some point, I set an intention to let go of the perfect outcome, and surrender to the process instead. Ah the relief of no expectations!

During the last couple of weeks I was able to use my learnt skills of making a “dove-tail joint”, and fully let go into the experience of it.

Stepping out of the analytical brain and into the creative brain. And just like that, I was in the flow zone - nowhere else to be, nothing else to do. Just right there. In the space. With the chisel and saw making a joint.

I must admit, when the two ends fit snug into each other to form the joint, a warm, fuzzy feeling did overcome me! Haha.

But more than this,

I realised this whole experience was an opportunity to relish human connection, earth’s resources and present awareness.

It highlighted the importance of my relationship with Jaana and it was strengthened through the shared experience together in a creative state. Also recognising the value, strengths and skills that each of us have to offer each other in this world.

All in all, a memorable, beautiful and heart-expansive experience.

A friendly reminder to always trust my intuition, that everything crosses my path for a reason and to surrender to the beauty of the unknown.

(And if you live in the area - I would definitely recommend seeing if one of their programs speaks to you and just do it! )


Odelle xx

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