It Starts With You

Our Health, Our Work, Our Home life.

Making change with ourselves and those around us, starts by holding a set of standards.

The standards we walk past are the standard we accept.

Right down to brushing our teeth and making our bed.

At the end of the day, the bigger issues are just a manifestation of the smaller issues.

And people are indeed watching.

It’s summarised perfectly below…

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”– Robert Fulghum

Adults are only bigger versions of children.

If we want our friends and family to be fit and healthy, we must FIRST drag ourselves out of bed. 

Without expecting anyone to follow.

The attention, recognition and following we all long for (and yes, we all long for it in some area of our lives) is the by-product of our commitment to ourselves.

Proof that WE can do it, sends the message that THEY can do it.

Set The Standard
It Starts With You

– Keagan
– The Charge Movement

P.S. You’ll love to know The Charge Movement is moving & our Grand Opening for the new space is on the 21st of July! There is going to be heaps of activities for adults & kids, including…

  • Ninja Obstacle Course
  • Kids Craft & Circus
  • Adult Fitness Games
  • Free Coffee
  • Outdoor Yog
  • And prizes to win!

👇If you’d like to come along, pop over to the event page and let us know!👇

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