So, there was a coup last week in Caracas.

But you are likely to know that already if you’ve been paying attention to news about Venezuela these days.

Or maybe I should say more like a military rising than anything else.

In short, on the early morning of Tuesday, Juan Guaido alongside Leopoldo Lopez were welcomed by members of the armed forces and some members of the national intelligence agency known as SEBIN.

It was a rather eventful morning since it was the first time that members of the armed forces inside the country actually declare loyalty to interim president Guiado instead of Nicolas Maduro.

It as a whole finally looked like the biggest thing was coming. That the armed forces finally realize the damage Maduro has been causing to the country during all these years.

That the armed forces were finally doing what they were meant to, protect the people of this country and defend freedom and liberty of its citizens. It finally looked like the final blow was coming to Maduro.

Later in the morning, people all over the capital where rallying up and behind the members of the armed forces that had the declared their support for Guaido, and were petitioning others that had yet to either take a stance or were yet taking orders from Maduro.

People were filling the streets both in joy and celebration for what it seemed to be the end of the regime.

Sadly while some places were in jubilation, others who are suffering at the hands of the government security forces, or even worse, at the hands of the paramilitary groups known as the Colectivos, groups that claim to be little more than social activist, but in reality are the unofficial armed wing of the government, caring little for the people the claim to protect.

I, for my part, was down in the streets watching the action unravel, and of course, heed the call of flooding the streets in support of the end of the regime, the restoration of democratic rule, and liberty and security for the common folk. Yet at certainly came with risks, but luckily I all went down safe for me, not something that can be said for many others.

Still, there will be a long way to trek, specially in the following weeks, as to see how the events that came due to rather uneventful date, will affect the future of this country. Might lead nowhere, but one can dream…

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