It’s not grim; it’s true.

We’re not here for long.

The average human lives 27,365 days.

9125 of them are spent sleeping.

The other 18,250 are spent doing…

Well, it’s up to us what they are spent doing.

There is no right or wrong answer either…

There is no purpose to this life we all live.

Only the purpose we give to it.

How will you spend the small amount of time that you have on this little planet that is spinning in space?


(a conversation with a man earlier in the week)

Me: “It‘s the 1st of the 7th, this year’s going fast. ”
Him: “Yeah crazy. ”
Me: “We’ll all be dead soon. ”
He laughed…
Then he fell silent and stared off into the distance for a good 10 seconds…
You could tell he was going deep and reflecting on his life.
Possibly for the first time in a long time, he was awake.

– Keagan
– The Charge Movement

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